Tuesday, August 28, 2018

NOTE TO UKRAINIAN PEOPLE: Fear not - you can either die out slowly in agony or with sword in your hand to the last breath

Sword option will prove world that John McCain/ Donald Trump/ Angela Merkel/ British Royals/ Macron/ Berlusconi/ George Bush and all other politicians who believed in their lies were proven wrong. 

You are big enough for world to acknowledge this site as legitimate(factual confession of an individual who was compelled to participate in circles of Illuminatis via torture and would not bent down under any pressure when giving account about what went on and by whom) if your struggle will turn into open(impossible for media to ignore) rejection of controlling(sick) Moscow. Give all you have to reject sick ideas of violent societies which caused us so much pain and suffering throughout the history. Your European neighbors will eventually jump on your side because PUBLIC pressure will mount on their corrupt politicians(if you keep up long enough) - own people will lynch them.

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