Sunday, August 5, 2018

Arrived to Poland - Nowy Targ

Went today also to Zakopany due to specific reasons and then back to Nowy Targ where I will file for political asylum.

Regarding "specific reasons" only that I can tell for every house in both towns(in certain areas - I obtained video proofs of what also went on in Poland) as per when those were built...governments which are observing the situation know that written here is a fact...

How would you know such information's about tiny towns in a countries and towns where you supposedly you never were...that's all for now...laptop adapter didn't function single day on road and android charger was stolen yesterday. Ran out of internet data and so on...lots of rain here in beautiful Poland, but that's good too because sun always come out after rain.

Heading to Nowy Targ police station to file political asylum in Poland.

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