Wednesday, July 10, 2024

Xi Jinping went on to also threaten me will supply in return for my support(any support) of Taiwan a nuclear bombs to Serbia

Did stuff like this during armament of Serbia.

Stripped off its nuclear arsenal, Ukraine had at its peek 55 million people. Knowing about coming war on Ukraine, DEPOPULATION of Ukraine commenced with Ukrainians fleeing Ukraine in mase to West with only 45 millions left in Ukraine in 2014 when Donetsk and went on to fall down into Russian hands. Investments which were scarce due to coming war became scarce even more and consequences of 2014 surfaced with new war on Ukraine in 2022 when there was only 37 million Ukrainians left in Ukraine...its now 33 millions and so it went hand in hand economic war destruction of Ukraine for China cared not. International justice my ass. War on Ukraine didn't commence yesterday. Each chapter of RUSSIAN devastation brought new consequences based on which more devastation took place. 35 years of devastation for Ukraine in post USSR - its time to bring one back to life, so one can help maintain world free. 

@China - that much about your concerns for Gaza through which you just wanted to justify Ukraine

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