Wednesday, July 10, 2024

CHINESE WAR ON EUROPE IN EUROPE: Along the Polish NATO and EU border, China and Belarus hold joint military drills - called them drills against terrorism

Just happens so that Russians ALREADY assaulted Ukraine also from part of Belarus. @China - good luck with your neutrality and same goes to North Korea which planned on

providing full technical and military support to Russia what we see is taking place in respect to North Korean troops entering Ukraine was rehearsed time and again by North
Koreans in Russia beginning 2014. I stated rehearsed with full pledge to support Russia in war on Ukraine. North Korea as you all know, already supplied Russia with weaponry.

China did proposed total war with the West during MK Ultra(was much more courageous on Russian side), so I believe we are in the mids of WW3. The next thing you will see is Xi Jinping signing full military cooperation between Russia and China. Terrorists engaging in military "anti terrorism" drills in Belarus while calling out NATO as a threat no less than 6500 kilometres from Beijing, IN THE MIDDLE OF THE EXTERMINATION PROCEDURE ON PEOPLE OF UKRAINE.

North Koreans who stayed in Russia in many cases beginning 2015  displayed extreme satisfaction with life there - it was economically much better than in Korea is what they cried, but its also a vicious behavior in my face they displayed. Eagerness to excel in favor of Russia against coming war on Ukraine.  

There is no doubt China started Russian war on Ukraine and supported one financially with goal to take one over completely even for the cost of facing off with NATO. The thing is NATO knows it very well. NATO knew all about what I have written in respect to Russian war preparations involving financial backers/supporters...China might have through it discovered America, but NATO sure did discovered real meaning of China. No longer about Chinese war on Europe, but instead IN Europe.

Main Stream media article:

China and Belarus hold joint drills near Polish border ahead of NATO summit - Two key Russia allies claim to be responding to the “aggressive foreign policy” of Western countries.

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