Tuesday, July 9, 2024

Uniformed criminal who met me at the Novo mesto police station on June 21st, 2024 most likely has a son and a daughter

And I know so due to death threats I received from Pevec in front of his "two sons" as one claimed me in 2008 while he was fishing at Topla voda near Šempeter where one pulled

during MK Ultra on me a revolver gesturing me to never ever come anywhere even near one if I somehow see one fishing or whatever. One son for sure while second one could have been from his sister. Pevec appeared to me also had a daughter. Very difficult to know truth from wrong when it comes to his kids due to kids he switched with from his sister.

Pevec just as numerous others "hosted"(POSED NEXT TO ME TO LIE ABOUT WHAT WENT ON IN CASE HE WOULD HAVE TO ANSWER QUESTIONS) also at his camp along Adriatic sea. This criminal was involved ion Mount Everest of violence and have for that matter considered me as dangerous due to what he alone claimed would easily be loss of his job. PEVEC WAS THE ONE WHO ENFORCED ON BEHALF OF JANEZ OGULIN ALSO A CRIME AGAINST ME AT HOME FOR ELDERLY PEOPLE USING FATHER WHO HAD NO BALLS TO DECLINE "INVITATIONS" TO ONE...


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