Tuesday, July 9, 2024

MK ULTRA - Psychiatrist Tatjana Prokšelj was actively involved in my case already since age 12 in 1993 and British royals laughed in my face chances I blew and turn against myself according to them

British royals were thrilled about one thing - prospects of getting me killed through network of people they interacted with in my environment and that included Tatjana Prokšelj.
Video can be also seen at https://youtu.be/E95ilSa1my8 OR   OR   OR  OR  

Video can also be seen at https://youtu.be/6eke_KMrOgM OR   OR  OR  OR  

Video can be also seen at https://youtu.be/rm_WT1NYm6k OR OR   OR  OR  

She stated for her brother to have left to live with father due to violence one was involved

in against me - her brother alone was involved in Mount Everest of violence against me. Her family from Serbia even more. Once she learned from photos about my haircuts, she terrorized me even more on how I should have seen myself the way I looked in school and kindergarten - its truth, however, that my hair was not allowed to stay straight and my hairstyle was enforced with ongoing physical fights endured from schoolmates. Nope, I was not allowed to have even combed hair thats how many I had to face with on daily bases.

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