Saturday, July 22, 2023

When American journalists stormed London in 1993 in respect tp pedophilia, British royals had MI5 issue American government a code red or whatever....

 Prince Andrew and Charles both proceeded to personally investigate reporters by first talking to their MI5 dogs almost at the scene throughout London, but wouldn't approach people who reported crime with exception to two three older males - looking as normal family males in their sixties. Rather store or whatever business owners. Code whatever was used, subjected those who boarded plane for USA on opportunity to a special search procedures even upon arrival to USA where customs performed search on subjects for any material which could jeopardize future of monarchy. Andrew, Charles and Edward still would stop and Americans alone begun to harass them with CNN and others who would land in London with idea to rather intimidate till royals were forced to stop with pedophilia US Government repeated intimidation procedures in 1997, 2000, and perhaps even 2001 when it finally all stopped to my knowledge.

British royals spoke to these London males after their MI5 bosses personally made sure its safe to speak with like a rats(COCKROACHES) running in holes and corners as you turn flashlight on. Its LONDON A REAL LONDON. REAL AS IT GETS LONDON.

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