Friday, July 14, 2023

British royals incited my parents during MK Ultra torture directly into crime commitment against me and if necessary to either get fake death certificate and/or to commit suicide

Prince Harry's words to me during MK Ultra also inside of our house and not only abroad in UK/USA supported by Edward/Charles/ Andrew and others were BEGINING 2005 I cite, "don't spend life in regret because of simple mistake" - never directly asserted crime connection against me between mother and father, but he repeated his toxicity which clearly was understandable to my parents and others present(would all go "yeah, thats right") so frequently that anyone quarter literate would understand meaning of one. Royals used others to interpretate crime directly.  

I find it bizarre for someone who caused with his family so much suffering to me to have come up with friendly advice such as AT LEAST KEEP MOTHER YOU LOOSER. Its a British way. Harry did took me to his psychics and lunatics to interperate me his bloody blunders. Extremely dangerous individual.

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