Friday, July 21, 2023

Visit at the father July 20th 2023 Novo mesto home for elderly when human excrement accordingly with MK Ultra recipe is being even used

 Man whom I have spoken with yesterday during wait for father and who was involved in MK Ultra since 1990 told me about coming transfer to Grosuplje area where he is from and what he translated during MK Ultra as must due to coming public scrutiny of facility - as for director of this institution, she too stated me that facility could well happen will become closed, but that doesn't bother her as she is about to leave one either way. Potrkaj na vrata in poslušaj če boš kaj slišal - knock on door(wood) as father stated prior to my departure yesterday could well mean his departure one way of the other - either real death or a disappearance via fake death certificate and that would all depend on me.

So I should be knowing on wood(casket) and listening to see if I will hear anything....

Two young British royals didn't object diapers behind them as for children, but did if I would paint them next to elderly...WHOLE SHIT IS MADE IN UK AND RIGHT FROM THE TOP. 


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