Thursday, July 20, 2023

Joe Biden claimed beginning 2015 that I had pancreatic cancer - examined me with British royals using endoscope

Americans and British have beginning 1993 used their own examination methods/facilities and didn't rely even on one another. Endoscopic down my throat procedure via MK Ultra was introduced by British royals as for my sake is what Andrew and Charles who demanded my allowing one to be always was for my sake, and you can see now what "sake" was. Biden claimed I should have undergone chemotherapy in respect to pancreatic cancer, but it would become too evident about what they did with me.

Anyhow, I have nothing else to report and will submit complain to various law enforcement as well as other agencies/organisations - perhaps interesting was fact that Indian Narendra Modi and Thai king Bhumibol demanded from me to state that it was in fact brown eyed dark haired girl who have stolen attention from me in Moscow at age 5 and not blonde as to what Russians upon observing my interest for blonde girls have immediately redirected me into. Asking out of the whole thing wasn't bad enough already they all wanted to play racial war with me through me and then push me women down throat of their choice out of whom nothing ever came out other than a waste of life(time), and diseases with psychiatry 

As a 5 years old child under MK Ultra, I had a heavy preference for blonde girls - probably it would have been different if I was from Asia or Africa or some other parts f the world, but I can't and refuse to hate myself for not being. Am I right Narendra Modi !!???? As for racial war or my owing anyone anything other than kick in the ass, I refuse just as should Ukrainians today. Russia jump started a racial war in Ukraine and question is who else is on board.

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