Saturday, July 29, 2023

Lets talk about Rhodesia where I was brought beginning age 5

1984 and 1986 not bad - not so bad, but bad when compared to what went on with me at age 6 in what still was Rhodesia where brought also by British - not only Americans and Dutch but British...British royals
@Dutch princess Mabel - thank you sweety, but I have sooo much better idea. Why don't we discus video bellow and people involved in one. British royals didn't want to be known any of seen here.....EVERYBODY IN DOCUMENTARY FROM 1978 WAS INVOLVED IN MK ULTRA AND SOME WHITE BOYS WHO WERE INVOLVED IN WAR AGAINST BLACK ZIMBABWE REBELS  EVEN BECAME SUPPORTERS OF NEW BLACK REGIME. RHODESIA FOR YOU TO KNOW, NO LONGER IS A COUNTRY SINCE 1978 AND WAS REPLACED BY ZIMBABWE.
Rhodesia Zimbabwe issue was 100% coordinated Russo Soviet American politic as Russian knew all about it.

The sexiest white women involved in MK Ultra were located in Rhodesia where they pimped with them into war against Zimbabwe people from around was a trap used on God knows how many people, BUT THEY PIMPED CHILDREN BEGINNING AT AGE 5.

Nice nice thanks, but I am more into real Alien stuff.

Involved with others kids and husband.


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