Tuesday, July 25, 2023

In 2002, village Krka and Novo mesto police was frisked(ransacked) with advocated for animals's rights due to degree of violence of locals against their dogs

 MK Ultra in already wild element as was village Krka worked like magic with owners no longer resisting torture of their own dogs which they used to disburse their anger on(wife, dogs, and even children), and for special MK Ultra intimidation experience - presented aggressive dogs barking in my face when drugged up. These animal rights advocates expressed also concerns for me, but I never got any assistance.

Several dogs were executed with dogs attacking even their owners and owners purchased themselves new

dogs for which they ensured would be properly trained. Zvone Mali as one of them was sent with neighbor Peterlin and few others involved to improve their standing within society(increase credibility) even in the all taken care for by state school. Also related to https://ausertimes.blogspot.com/2023/07/one-of-most-violent-men-in-area-who_21.html 

Uhhhh just how normal these people look these days....looks like police directors did made truce with animal rights advocates back then somehow despite situation which totally ran out of their hands at least for a while. Everyone learned about stated here - all present from abroad learned about what went on no wonder entire village became addicted to violent psychiatry against me.  They still try for Ljubljana, but Ljubljana can't even help itself.

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