Friday, July 21, 2023

One of the most violent men in area who paved his entire career through crime against me and have assisted psychiatry throughout entire Slovenian region was the guy I already have spken about

 Individual who was due to be arrested in 1996 when I was hijacked from USA and delivered like a cattle to Slovenia - not only due to death threats one exercised against me beginning 1995 on behalf of Milan Kučan/ Tanbja Fajon/ Borut Pahor/ Drnovšek and others, but due to super domestic violence he engaged in against his wife. Zvone Mali is a brother from our neighbor Slavka Jerman whose son is a police officer and a cousin of another neighbor Metod Jerman who worked for Milan Kučan's police from Ljubljana and this also was the reason that one instead of jail and psychiatry was offered job and free education certification according to teachers which matched mine - to look in public as equal as possible. His wife was a political hostage till 1999 on what she just gave in to Slovenian government violence/repression and no longer resisted. Zvone in 1997 when rated as a violent schizophrenic psychopath by many people from city went on and commence a partisan movement and did his best to depict me drugged up as a neonazi via torture.

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