Friday, July 28, 2023

Thai royals just as Hollywood and British loved to show case me their cars and watches - luxury

 How do you go to demonstrate such stuff(they made their points about how they can and I can't and how they like what I do not) to someone whom your criminal conduct brought him next to destroyed life into psychiatric hospital is beyond my understanding. Would give good piece of advice on how to survive as "them" as to what "they" will do to me obviously forgetting their earlier promises which they inserted in the world of torture which they demanded from me to refer as "MK Ultra".

Lawyer BAJRAKITIYABHA(princess) insisted how its not okay for their workers/staff to lodge any longer in area behind village which I earlier suggested and how they do it only till it ends for me for my sake, but their deals clearly were as criminal as it gets.

Well, I hope it paid you all to be a criminal.
She meant to say luxury has its price - yes, it does. I never asked for one even that I shaped this world in great way, but she and other did - ended up stealing and KILLING what never belonged them what they had no right to.

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