Wednesday, July 12, 2023

Beginning 1998, Americans begun to ALSO inject me with Erythropoietin - Epoetin

 It became universal MK Ultra tool. But during MK Ultra butcheries  in US, this was a common and preferred treatment when things went really bad. Really bad repeated over years more and more often Joe Biden who played doctor can tell. 

Hollywood Psychologist Lisa Kudrow was involved sure, I know so because I was acknowledged (by her) repeatedly as insane while pointing me her license for some 20 years. It always started will help you and it always ended with can't and will not help you because you are insane. Cancer(all sorts of cancer patients including brain) and heart patients involved were used in a big way to convince me how it could be worse, but really was so traumatizing health wise that I no longer wanted to know it was real. Health deteriorated so fast that I preferred to just imagine it wasn't real and it will go away as long as I keep my eyes closed. Refused to belive something like this is possible due to special relation all these stars and royals and politicians claimed me they have with me.

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