Monday, July 31, 2023

Entire police station from Phoenix Arizona was involved in this case - special police anti trafficking squad was formed in Phoenix based(because) on this case sexy police officers stated me back when it all began

Everyone as seen in video was involved in case.
Ms Chance had the biggest chance even when she painted her hair dark. She was followed closely by detective(waw) Amber Campbell who went on and lost pounds to make her case also in eyes of her coworkers(haaa). Nah, she did so deliberately to keep them as competitive as much as possible and would do anything for them. 

I never knew there is more to desert than rabbits and cactuses. Wonder where they got that name "Phoenix" stolen from ,) TRAFFICKERS !!!!

Ohhh yeah and the makes were really fine.
Where is my gymnast now when I finally got in somewhat shape ?

All these boys and girls from Phoenix police department were involved in my case before they even landed jobs as police officers. It how we landed jobs is what I was told. Gymnast was and is one of the most professional police officers I have seen. His kids now are adult bigger than myself and him(his son was already in 2017). Entire Hollywood became a fan of this police department with some police officers was told even landing job offers in Hollywood. They visited our house in Slovenia on several occasions. 

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