Sunday, October 23, 2022

My Celebrity Cruise Line coworkers never ever left me - remained present even throughout MK Ultra ordeal and have campaigned for me

However, I made Italian co worker by last name Batista a tremendous harm after I rejected under MK Ultra his sister - she was one of the most beautiful women I have seen when subjected to MK Ultra, but I was already far too dip in problems unwilling to give in single inch.

I loved my crew which ranged from India to Greece and for what it appeared to me they loved me - in real time during my work on ship sure did. Under MK Ultra, however, I am afraid one ruined every prospect for possible  friendship...

Guys who liked me eventually had to go in hiding(EXPRESS UTTER DISGUST AGAINST ME ON BEHALF OF RUSSIA - THEY WERE FORCED TO SIDE WITH PUTIN JUST AS ENTIRE WESTERN TEAM LED BY UK AND USA WHICH REQUIRED SO) and work in background as a support team. From Italy to Portugal....

Female Brazilian friend(heavily involved with her family in MK Ultra) would often times tell me, "Você tem muito caralho em Portugal Bobby...Amigos" ;) I think I really do have at least a few...



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