Wednesday, October 12, 2022

MK ULTRA - At Otočec castle, two guys from Georgia lodged - prince Andrew got one of them Rolls Royce in 2013 via this MK Ultra case

 The two friends drove me from Bulgaria to Slovenia was too late to meet them, but I did identified both via this very car and by nice receptor who confirmed me two were guests in caste already before...

Car really is a beast - William ensured me have participated safety testing and no car comes even close to one. He, however, insulted me by saying how I will get one if I will be good(stuff you don't say to someone you owe for 100 Rolls Royce factories).

@William - included in price or gift on what is owed !!???? First pay what you owe, then blah blah...I get soccer trainers or boys like yourself as many as I want for such gift on every corner of street on this globe....they stand in the long line at "employment agency" and/or are operating machines a grass all over the globe(don't have anything against them, but this is what I was deprived off - stolen by them alone). I don't know a single person regardless of what you referred to as price, however, that would settle for life I did and was forced to complete insane tasks to fulfill your family's MK Ultra needs/appetites. 

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