Tuesday, October 25, 2022

This was some sign mother involved in MK Ultra, but I have no clue what one serves to - sure is disturbing

Never allow idiot to seat atop of head as seen here - she distributed garbage with which indulged her sick imagination on daily bases during MK Ultra - as much as worried from beginning, I just let it be....they all work(NOT ONLY HAVE WORKED, BUT WORK) together. Yet another new light was burned as I wrote this - they don't last in here(in my room for which I was suggested just as the case was in Poland blinking of lights as a way to confirm written). unless SHITTY BULBS WITH LOW BRIGHTNESS are installed - all low quality bulbs LASSSST AND LAAST AND LAST....Bulb was installed just three weeks ago, but this is normal next to blinking with bulbs - yes, they played with lights under MK Ultra and far too much....sheer lunacy.

Still light in there, so here is a photo shot....shitty bulbs operate in here for years or for as long as I was willing to take shit....police goal inside of this room always was to keep me in dark as much as possible as room itself is build to remain dark - makes hard to get around find items inside drawers...three weeks this one max...

Took time to carve paper as you see...

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