Friday, October 14, 2022

MK ULTRA - Police officer involved in MK Ultra(INVESTIGATOR) posed next to me when I took mother to EuroSpin store the day before yesterday(12th) - and I failed identifying two Austrians involved in MK Ultra since 1995

 I have mistaken the two for father and son from Austria who also were tall...the two headed to mentioned motel in Novo mesto where I eventually met them again(accordingly with instructions I got from MK Ultra), but didn't bother myself any further as motel known as Belokranjec served foremost to Milan

Kučan and his clientele - receptor was extremely intimidating during MK Ultra...facts everyone involved in MK Ultra is well acquainted with. Police investigator was continually turning back throughout stay in the store on what I observed his face during exit from store - became old(his face visibly aged, but still is in the shape as the only one from what I can recall) and head is bold...he owns white Renault Kadjar I think it was...very snicky.

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