Sunday, October 23, 2022

Perhaps one of the first royal sting operations I performed in Britain under MK Ultra took place in Aberfan - with no other than Aberfan disaster residents and their family members

There were few Brits who suffered nervous breakdown for my defending queen Elisabeth and her family at all costs in what probably was 1996... with cash that purred in and few faces gone off picture, extremely

loyal Aberfan folks since(sting lasted about three years during which I was repeatedly thrown into village environment) hated only me...well, another lucky Twilight story from UK. Nah, "thanks" were slaps and death welcome 

Prince Andrew ran numerous operation in background - MI5 had him seat right next to their top bosses to do his autonomous show anywhere from Balkans to South America and many other locations where I came stoned inches close to REAL death.

Ohhhh, Aberfan village residents heavily involved indeed. Little of it was really my choice....those who wet inside of the black limousines and in fortified buildings in area were those who made my decisions - and people who simply didn't act as required by law....

@Andrew/Charles - my offer had expiration date listed - with car your toes wouldn't swallow...and you got to test once again a danger of Alfa Bobyheoooooo

@Andrrreeewwww - just stay in the middle and pay attention to traffic and follow signs...its that easy as long as you don't cross into Italy, they give you a speeding ticket if they get you with Alfa on left side of the Autobahn(too slow - you can race in Alfa 200 and cook spaghetti at the same time, but only in Italy and in Alfa)....and don't worry, all the roads lead to Slovenia - you won't get lost either way you turn.

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