Sunday, October 23, 2022

China WILL ATTACK Taiwan and its just a matter of time - not about Xi Jinping and Hu Jintao's differences, but Chinese way to excuse attack on Taiwan

Copy cat of Putin and Navalny. This very issue was involved from Chinese side into MK Ultra brainwash depicted to me by Xi Jinping as I cite, "you will like Hu Jintao too not only will see you will"...clearly this isn't about me, but Chinese excuse to world for coming crime against humanity...
Evidently Putin sees war in Ukraine with his Chinese allies as a victory - as agreed with West to come out as....time will demonstrate clearly about "agree", but this is what MK Ultra was about.

Three is NOOOO difference between Xi Jinping and  Hu Jintao - the two work 100% with one another....fake position.

I was told to let you all know, Taiwan will not let go and good portion of China will consequently go missing...could be that Taiwan is prepared on Chinese invasion way better than what China believes case is.

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