Monday, October 10, 2022

Returned from trip on foot to Brežice - not Zagreb

 I was loaded with probably 12+kg and night in forest equaled to 4 hours of freezing once I arrived yesterday to municipality Brežice at approx. 2400 where I exchanged money was involved since 1995. He first offered free rooms to those who came to exchange money at his office from Novom mesto on foot...then at times and contrary to his or Trump claims, I have seen prince Andrew buy MK Ultra staff members rooms upon arrivals to Brež was the same in Croatia - cost for the room was 15 Euros in Samobor, but from me was demanded to get to Zagreb and back without using any accommodations - in forest and Trump(diaper Donny) claimed Brežice was only because of me - would let me get away with it. I went on with zero sleep in freezing night drowning in cancer, but did managed to get through. I hitchhiked on my way back...I got 142 Euros for 700 Zloty - man is a great friend of Milan Kučan/Borut Pahor and was making fun of me not being capable in the future to find exchange office in vicinity of Novo mesto...Probably 10 families or more identified including Brežice police...

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