Tuesday, October 25, 2022

Mr. Hossein Amir-Abdollahian was participant on Donald Trump's MK Ultra games in Poland - Mr. Amir-Abdollahian was involved in this case since 1995

 And figured out with Putin will eventually get read of me at one point - when no longer needed as I recall the two conversing in English language. Mr. Amir-Abdollahian was specialized in Russian affairs since 1999 or 2002 when he graduated - Mr. Amir-Abdollahian 

scored Irani top state job in 2005 - its when his career took off....met his wife neighbors and his dog(EVERYBODY IN HIS RESIDENTIAL AREA). One appeared to me as not too bad person, but his statements even in public clearly confirm IRANI DELIVERY OF DRONES TO RUSSIA - he threatened under MK Ultra Iran would and expressed himself on multiple occasions citing me "indifferent" which would serve as confirmation of drone delivery to Russia and ultimate derision for war on Ukrainian people https://ausertimes.blogspot.com/2022/10/iran-i-think-you-will-run-out-of-time.html 

As HUNGER GAMES ENDED IN POLAND FOR IRANI TEAM, I WAS HIJACKED TO IRAN AND WAS DISPLAYED SHOW OF TOTAL LUNACY - some million death threats and nothing but death threats for about two years on the row(from 1997 to 1999) on what show of lunacy stopped due to American intervention by giving Iranis ultimatum to either stop of fuck off with MK Ultra(terror stopped at one as Iranis loved nothing more than death threats under MK Ultra - addicted to death threats)....Something that appeared even to Israeli team which at the time was displaying against me tremendous animosity due to my attitude toward Israel alone - Israel didn't know what to do with me nor who I was and for me, Israel with exception to Netanyahu's big titted daughter which supposedly was interested in marriage(Miriam Haran didn't want me either and Sara Netanyahu who also refused me begun to threaten me with psychology for incident behavior UNDER MK ULTRA), Israel was a waste of time(his American made daughter was really okay - once Iran learned about her, they introduced Iranian babes in show and wanted to compete which was okay but I really really no longer wanted to be on Irani picture any more even more so)...Irani and Israeli teams were one of the earliest hunger games teams to participate in Poland...

I hope Israel and UAE will continue to built common path and take leadership in the middle east. UAE(also threatened by Iran) has oil and Israel super knowledge - joining two into common goals brings peace to Mideast and world. Iran will simply have to follow(if lucky enough as current show of lunacy is not promising for Irani's future).

@Israel - its up to you as they continue with parade of total lunacy - do not comply with terror.

@Ali Khamenei - you know you are insane https://ausertimes.blogspot.com/2022/03/here-is-who-voted-how-at-united-nations.html right !!????? Not only you knew about coming Russian war ion Ukraine - you supported(promoted idea in others on behalf of Russia) Russian invasion on Ukraine during last 24 years minimum...everything that bothered you about Pahlavi, you became 100x multiplied + you took Iran into stone age when compared to what one was and even aimed to become one of the wealthiest countries in the world. And I don't give a shit about imperialism - quite the opposite - you Khamenei are a proven failure in of what others have accomplished(prosperity within republic) and in the same club as Pahlavi was....

There was Iran before stone age lunatic appeared on stage - Iran existed....
It was more than hope....

Exclusive: Israel to sell air defence system to United Arab Emirates

Flags of United Arab Emirates and Israel flutter during Israel's National Day ceremony at Expo 2020 Dubai, in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, January 31, 2022. REUTERS/Christopher Pike/

DUBAI/NEW YORK, Sept 22 (Reuters) - Israel has agreed to sell an advanced air defence system to the United Arab Emirates, two sources familiar with the matter said, in the first such known deal between them since they forged ties in 2020.

The deal reinforces how, for some Arab states, resolving the decades-long Israel-Palestinian conflict has now been overshadowed by national priorities, such as security and the economy.

Israel and the U.S.-allied UAE share an ultimate fear, that Iran obtains a nuclear weapon, an ambition Tehran denies.

Israel approved a UAE request in the middle of the summer and would supply the Gulf state with Rafael-made SPYDER mobile interceptors, two sources said, declining to provide further details due to the sensitive nature of the deal.

A third source said the UAE had acquired Israeli technology capable of combating drone attacks like those that struck Abu Dhabi earlier this year.

Israel's defence ministry and SPYDER manufacturer Rafael declined to comment. The UAE's foreign ministry did not comment.

It was not immediately clear how many interceptors, which are fitted to vehicles and can defend against short to long-range threats, would be supplied, or if any had so far been shipped.

Asked if Israel was providing the UAE with air defence systems, parliament Foreign Affairs and Defence Committee Chairman Ram Ben-Barak told Israeli radio on Sept. 20 there was broad cooperation with the UAE, but declined further comment.


The need to bolster the UAE's air defence capabilities increased after a series of missile and drone strikes on the Gulf state in January and February. Most of the attacks were intercepted, but a strike killed three civilians in Abu Dhabi.

That strike rattled the leaders of the UAE, which has long boasted of its security and stability in a tumultuous region, foreign diplomats said. An under-construction terminal at Abu Dhabi airport was also hit, injuring civilian workers, sources briefed on the attacks said.

At least some missiles and drones flew at low-altitude to escape detection by the UAE's U.S.-built Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) and Patriot interceptors, the sources said.

Rafael says SPYDER can defend large areas from threats such as drones, cruise missiles, attack aircraft, helicopters, and bombers, including from low altitude.

President Isaac Herzog, visiting the UAE in January when an intercepted strike took place, said Israel supported the UAE's security needs. And last week Prime Minister Yair Lapid said he was horrified by the attacks and Israel stood by and with the UAE.

Most of the strikes were claimed by the Iran-aligned Houthi movement, who the UAE has been fighting in the war in Yemen as part of the Saudi Arabian-led military coalition seeking to restore the ousted government.

The sources said the interceptors deal was reached in mid-summer, which was around when the United States and Israel were pushing Arab states to link their air defence systems to better defend against Iranian drone and missile attacks.

That proposal was met by resistance from some Arab states that Israel does not have ties with, Reuters reported in July, although an Israeli official said partner countries were synchronising systems through remote electronic communication.

Anwar Gargash, diplomatic adviser to the UAE president, told reporters in July that the UAE would consider anything that protects the country from drones and missiles as long as it was defensive and not targeting a third country.

Gulf state Bahrain also established ties with Israel in 2020 and later the two signed a security agreement. Israel and the UAE this year signed a free trade deal; Israel's first with an Arab state. Negotiations with Bahrain started this week.

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