Saturday, October 15, 2022

Involved in MK Ultra since 2004 - couple was doing this "off grid" farming scam for which two claim commenced 4 years ago and on this very location for already 14 years - off and on since 2008

This youtube couple is not the only one scamming on timing - there are many other who do same...its a secret with off and on presence - male told me finally purchased land on this very location the two visited for some 4 years already prior to purchase in 2010 - I know them !!????
Just look at the video view counter and tell me if I know them....its how they earn money(not everyone fell into this same category as others earned via careers, business etc.) - involve themselves in MK Ultra crimes and the rest Segei Brin's owners took care...sorry, but their assisted "freedoms" came at extremely hefty price for me which video view counter in case of google(youtube) was blocked with videos taken down and much much more for no less than 12 years - earned zero cents revenue since so Illuminati owners can create justice of their own....its a genocide, so some can get away with thefts of lives.

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