Wednesday, October 12, 2022

Croatian betrayal against me commenced in fact during "OLUJA" storm when I was introduced into scenarios in which Gotovina found me to collaborate with Serbs - he allways liberated me with I cite, "I got you again..."

 Gotovina who did so on order of Croatian government/from Tudjman to several present politicians and all in between, continued to depict me his trace of "betrayal" from my end even in 2013, 2015 - guaranteed me death/failure no exit wasn't only about Kolinda Grabar Gitarović in 2000 next to Adrzej Duda but all in between.... there was no politician in Croatia I wasn't guilty to including business people who grew from the same time I face pressure from east and West to join other side which I never did....Gotovina claimed I got his friends killed and lalala....easy come easy go....

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