Monday, October 9, 2017

ZIONAZI Mark Zuckerbeg disables all my Facebook accounts(5 of them) on NAZI elites' requests simply because I posted few times in Facebook groups...

Angela Merkel(besides Bushes and other American NAZIS, Germans were the obsessed wih MKLUTRA) and others who participated promised me exactly this under MKULTRA when questioned with what are you going to then and this and that..."we are going to simply disable your Facebook won't have where to post online"...

Well, when dealing with criminals, this is what one should always expect. FREE SPEECH !!???? YEAH, FOR THE NAZIS IT IS forFOR FREE TO PISS ON GRAVES OF 60+ MILLION PEOPLE THAT THEY MURDERED IN WWII ALONE...for normal people willing to resist filth that should have been totally dead already a long time ago, however, not. 

Who owns USA and Germany today !!??? 


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