Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Russian economic victory against self sanctioned NEO-NAZI West !!! Who will made whom and what to pay....

Unstoppable Russia to become by far the strongest economy in the are now either aboard of the Russian economic train or under train's wheels...
Russia have what others can only dream about....Germans would say plenty of "leben raum"(twice as big as USA), Americans would say military superpower with abundant minerals(oil etc.) you don't play with, others would say beauty and uniqueness of its people(for sure most beautiful human diversity in this world) and I would say what many others have totally forgotten about(in most cases deliberately and it is what they are trying to deprive Russia off as well)  and is of the biggest value in this world - it is called face of humanity = WWII and WWIII victory against beasts(WWIII was/is GermanoAmerican ZIONAZI intention to undermine sovereignty of European nations via so called "human rights" and murderous NATO organisations that doesn't defer from Axis of evil even a slightest bit) !!!

 This is immaculate record of freedom that no other nation was capable to preserve for itselves(including Israel = Jews who have bitten deadly pill of neo-nazism) in this post WWII nightmare(this is what Germany have again managed to accomplish).
With such potentials(and China as a ally where all assembly/manufacturing technology is based) - Russia is heading for the top and not where many have settled. 


Consider BRICS(add to China and Russia also India and Brasil) and you get final outcome of NATO member states "sanctioning" Russia(European Union member states alone lose over $3.2 billion every month - if this aint idiotic than I don't know what it is - all for the sake of post war NEO NAZI GERMANY and few corrupt self elected politicians that seat atop of our governments across the Europe and US) ....

The real face of the global economy just started to develop(the veil/mask of truth have fallen off so called "human rights", NATO, and all other post WWII issues) and every new day is not only a victory for Russia, but also those who oppose beast that have somehow survived  !!!

"Putin Is The New Master Of The Middle East"

With the Trump administration lately focused mostly on domestic policy - even as Mueller's ongoing Russian probe continues to hang over Trump's head - US power and influence in the Middle East has found itself in retreat, a continuation of unsuccessful and/or failed policies implemented by the Obama administration, resulting in a power vacuum that has to be filled, and one country has emerged willing to take America's spot.
Putin and Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman

As Bloomberg writes today, "the Israelis and Turks, the Egyptians and Jordanians - they’re all beating a path to the Kremlin in the hope that Vladimir Putin, the new master of the Middle East, can secure their interests and fix their problems."

And now, none other than Saudi Arabia is the latest to make friendly overtures toward the Kremlin, when Saudi King Salman visits Moscow on Wednesday, the first monarch of the oil-rich kingdom to do so. At the top of his agenda will be reining in Iran, a close Russian ally seen as a deadly foe by most Gulf Arab states.

As Bloomberg concedes, until very recently, Washington stood alone as the go-to destination for such leaders. Now, however, "American power in the region is perceptibly in retreat" a testament to the success of Russia’s military intervention in Syria, which has not only succeeded in squashing the local Islamic State threat, but kept President Bashar al-Assad in power after years of U.S. insistence that he must go.

“It changed the reality, the balance of power on the ground,” said Dennis Ross, America’s former chief Mideast peace negotiator who advised several presidents from George H. W. Bush to Barack Obama. “Putin has succeeded in making Russia a factor in the Middle East. That’s why you see a constant stream of Middle Eastern visitors going to Moscow.”

There's also money: as RT writes, a joint Russian-Saudi fund to invest in the energy sector will be announced during the forthcoming visit of the Saudi King to Moscow, Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak told the Al Arabiya TV Channel. According to Novak, the basic agreement to establish the $1 billion fund has already been reached.

Novak said Russia is "focused on developing cooperation with Saudi Arabia not only within the OPEC framework but also outside the cartel,” including the energy sector, the electric power sector, and renewable energy resources. Additionally, Moscow and Riyadh are expected to announce a new investment platform and manufacturing projects. Last week, the Director-General of the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF) Kirill Dmitriev praised significant results in investment cooperation between the RDIF and Saudi Arabia's Public Investment Fund (PIF).

In 2015 the two sovereign funds agreed to a partnership, establishing a joint $10 billion platform and inking several investment deals. RDIF has also signed a cooperation agreement with the Saudi Arabian General Investment Authority (SAGIA), to jointly search for investment projects in Russia. SAGIA is supposed to bring Russian companies to the Arabian market.

Still, Putin's success will bring problems, because as conflicting demands pile up, it won't be easy to send all the visitors home satisfied. “The more you try to adopt a position of dealing with all sides, the more you find that it’s hard to play that game,’’ Ross said.

To be sure, Moscow was a major power in the Middle East during the Cold War, arming Arab states against Israel, however as communism collapsed in the late 1980s, so did Russia's influence. When the US invaded Iraq to topple Saddam Hussein, Russia was a bystander, unable to do more than protest. However, the tables began to turn in 2013, when the U.S. under Obama decided not to attack Assad. Two years later, Putin sent troops and planes to defend him.ors going to Moscow.”

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