Monday, October 23, 2017

American Hitler talks about "bigotry/conspiracy theories/outright fabrications/forgiveness/casual cruelties/animosities/dehumanizations...

Just pay attention to his who performed unprecedented bestialities on me personally and in the name of national sociallism, so he and McCain went even to Chinese and claimed them concern regarding my case(they first insult you, liquify your brain with electroshocks and brainwash you with MKULTRA till you become insensitive for anything in this don't even feel pain anymore....and then suggest other governments per who and what you are....its how AmeroGerman NEONAZI scum operates and nobody knows more about one than JohnMcCain/Joe Biden team).

Hannibal Lecter would be amateur compared to this sadistic maniac who killed over 2000 Americans on 9/11 like a joke...and nothing ever came close to him...he is laughing like this in the camera(in the eyes of all of us) and so do his children(parasites) who learned to kill/steal from us straight from their daddy...

CIA and FBI only talk indirectly about Trump's financials in respect to Russia, but nothing about Clintons/Bush, and even McCains...why !!????? 

Bush is involved in Russian money laundry 100 x times more than Trump and we hear nothing!!! How come !!????

Why nobody mentions the truth and why FBI/CIA/IRS hides information about such individuals(what does the American made corruption indexes of the world state !!???? Which country is the most in which is the least corrupt in the world !!????) !!???? 

Are they also Royals !!???? Are they entitled to special privileges such as Queen Elizabeth is or are this already new incentives from Queen Elizabeth to selected few for total betrayal of what should have been USA(there was a lots of fake news that went around about just how much US owes in debt and it all US already sold !!????) !!???? 

Bush is involved in Russian corruption up to his throat if you want to know the truth, but CIA/FBI won't disclose the truth !!! 

So obviously Bushes/Clintons/McCains and others are above the laws....we are bellow the laws/constitution and treaties(all used as enforcement of their rules against us) and they are above mentioned...

Even Bush's REMOTE(6km2) property where he operated in total discretion night and day with victims and international guests was purchased in 1999(its when Putin's presidential career started and I no longer knew what day/what night/what month/summer or winter was)...why do you folks think was like that !!???? A coincidence !!????

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