Sunday, October 8, 2017

I estimate that over 50% of Ukrainian population today, rejects AmeroGerman NEONAZI occupation of Ukraine and will not raise arms to defend such regime !!!

When only 54% of people openly declare in American occupied country(what Ukraine is today and this includes most non Russian portions of Ukraine), that are unwilling to stand up for continuation of American occupation in Ukraine, you do have some serious questions to ask yourself John McCain...what they attempted to depict as success is in fact a failure(today's rejection of AmeroGerman NeoNazism that murdered over 10 million Ukrainians in WWII alone is more than obvious) !!!

Are people under the pressure when asked(heavily surveilled - bullied) such questions under circumstances as to which we witness today in Ukraine !!???? Yes they are and they still come out at lest somehow clean !!!

I estimate that over 50% of Ukrainian population today, wants instead to form with their beautiful Russian brothers and sisters a little larger Russian federation where they will have the say and prosperity(none of which NEONAZI EU would offer them) vs slavery that will lead in final stage into self annihilation via socially engineered EUGENICS(thats what happens when you are isolated from job market and is done to Slavs in US and in EU on regular bases - Slavic countries alone within EU are drowning in unemployment due to ongoing market discrimination practices) !!! 

For me, nothing in this world can compete with astonishing beauty of this two Slavic nations(add to that Poland and Belarus and you have heaven on earth) which both also have incredible(almost unlimited) natural resources(and more than twice as big as USA)...I was there and have seen it with my own eyes and was very very impressed...

The two of you were not only built for one another, but also to guard the right to existence of other Eastern European nations !!!

More than half of Ukrainians ready to protect Ukraine's territorial integrity with weapons

More than half of the Ukrainian population as a whole expressed their readiness to defend the territorial integrity of the country with arms in case of an appropriate threat, as evidenced by the data of a poll conducted by the Rating sociological group in September.

According to the results of the social research published on the Rating website on Thursday, 54% of respondents expressed their readiness to defend the territorial integrity of Ukraine with weapons in the event of a corresponding threat - this figure is almost two times higher than in 2012. This idea is supported by two-thirds of the residents of the country's center and west, while half of the population living in the south, are ready to do it. Some 52% of respondents in the east of the country said they are not ready to defend Ukraine with weapons in their hands, while 26% are ready, and 22% are undecided.

Some 59% of respondents support the establishment of the state holiday of the Day of Ukrainian Defender on October 14. Almost the same number (56%) do not support the idea of canceling the Day of the Fatherland Defender on February 23. The first are more in the west of the country, the second - in the south and east.

The survey was conducted on September 20-29, 2017, using a personal, formalized interview (face-to-face), totaling 2,000 respondents (18 years and over). The sample is representative of age, sex, region and type of settlement. The error of representativeness of the study is not more than 2.2%.

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