Thursday, October 19, 2017

Vladimir Putin = Russian Al-Qaeda = Russian ISIS

Vladimir Putin is the terrorist who is now blocking me from even obtaining tags from Budapest after he ordered to Hungarian Viktor
Orban to tow my car from FREE PARKING in city of Budapest(even the name of the parking from where the car was towed is FREE PARKING in Budapest on a day when I applied for political asylum in Hungary - he arranged the terror against me in February and have compelled me into exile from Slovenia under extreme circumstances just one more time).

Vladimir Putin has arranged FOUR YEARS LONG torture against me by local psychiatrists(this was all product of his work) just as forced unemployment and everything else was. He corrupted American oligarchs such as Trump and AmericanGerman NEONAZIS collaborated with him(McCain/Clinton/Bush/Merkel/Theresa May/Macron/Renzi etc. etc.) more than happily(destabilisation of USA removes US military from Germany and Europe and acknowledgement of Russia as aggressive meant also a new start even for German's Fourth Reich military - what would be known as EU military)

Hungarian Viktor Orban was at large involved in my abductions and was here in Novo Mesto(this is why CIA hostels in Budapest) with my family - with my parents. 

Hungarian Viktor Orban got involved in my case via my Austrian cousin(this is how he inserted himself in my case just as Schwarzenegger did, but it was per US Government that Schwarzenegger did while Orban seats on both sides...Viktor Orban set my Austrian cousin up with Hungarian woman - this is how far all went and she is his wife today - Viktor Orban used her as a pretext to frequently visit our Novo Mesto residence = my parents during abductions who at least got the opportunity to see me = parents were also lied about money/prosperity by this politicians if I would do as brainwashed under MKULTRA - I should cry to you now about "European Union this and that", but this simply is not the case).

ALL AUDIO RECORDED: Slovenian police declines to assist me in matter and have even suggested me to go to Hungary to get legal aid in Novo Mesto AGAIN declines to assist me in matter and have also suggested me to go to Hungary(just as police did) where I can apply for free legal aid, and so does Slovenian government under president Borut Pahor(Ministry of Foreign Affairs as well as Slovenian embassy in Budapest decline to assist me)Borut Pahor will reelect himself again on Sunady.

Very difficult(totally impossible) situation for me, tough for Slavic countries under German economy domination(European Union is a jail of the nations and certain death for Slavs) where NAZISM is exploding, and very very bad for Russia alone. 

Putin brought with his gangster techniques whole world to its knees...foreign Russian relations will suffer on long term enormously because of his mafia and even more what is evident as terrorism policies. This news is related to

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