Wednesday, October 18, 2017

NOTE TO RUSSIA AND CHINA: Don't get paranoid because of AmeroGerman John McCain's divide and conquer game...UNITE WORLD INSTEAD(not only yourself) !!! Do it now !!!

China holds a "very important historical" meeting to which American John McCain's FREE PRESS(clustered world of lies and dementia) are referring to even as historical(hysterical yeah because of AmeroGerman press, historical not as they hold one every 5 years) meeting.

What is important to note is that John McCain's NEONAZI team played extremely dirty divide and conquer game against both governments(Chinese and Russian, but specially against Russian and all on German behalf) and therefore the two must instead unite and not divide.

&CHINA....Why not to invite Russian communist delegation to Beijing and demonstrate NEONAZI West that formation of Chinese Russian alliance is just a beginning and that world is much bigger than US and Germany with few million Scandinavians(you both have over 1.5 billion people, they have nothing...a bit over 500 million - powerful military as well as technology is in your hands now) !!?????

European Union is extremely unsatisfied with what is taking place in one...situation here is boiling and is about to explode. Your alliance could prove crucial in this aspect and at this point as many European Union countries want to break free from German NEONAZI machinery, but do need guarantee of continuous economic(science) growth which the two of you can easily form(provide us with).

Its not at all even as you see on my news site....AmeroGerman
trolls click(keep clicking till desired news gets to the top) and share certain news to hype certain governments into division and may also be that certain politicians hype own governments into paranoia !!!

United, you will both(with world) win, and divided you will both(and whole world with you) lose !!!
American press is "assuring"(bluffing) Russians with demonstration of videos where they demonstrate "friendliness" of US/American foreign relations and China with sensation(praisal of "meeting importance" and flattering to Chinese communist party - what a joke as they tried and would slaughter every Chinese on earth on heart bit !!!).

Do you Mr. Yale, Bush, Clinton, and Trump want to explain the issues of Chinese involvement in Vietnam and gestures on how you will nuke China out of existence because of Vietnam(referring to "Hamburger Hill" portion of MKULTRA and others with "kill them all" agenda !!!) !!???? This is what you have brainwashed me with over and over again under MKULTRA when it all started and then song gradually changed into something different...

USA is a country where "EVIL HIDES BEHIND GOOD AND GOOD IS SHADOWED BY EVIL" !!! I was "evil" and McCain
was "good" you know what happens under very first MKULTRA procedure if you do not agree to collaborate with NEONAZIS !!???? You exit room in body bag. Then(after pledge to collaborate with them) setups start...they involve you to witness under MKULTRA acts of terror(they paralyze your thought patterns - traumatize you by using all kinds of situations/events) and you are either gradually(systematically) turned into monster or end on graveyard(watch what others like Kathy O'Brien had to say if you disbelieve) at any time. Thats all...
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News was published on September 18th, but updated month latter with

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