Tuesday, October 17, 2017

JOHN MCCAIN: Equaling "human rights" and "free" speech with NEONAZISM !!! Provocateur Alexey Navalny appears to be the latest "victim" of Vladimir Putin according to so called "free press"...

Empire of evil(AmeroGerman axis of evil) manages to stir NEONAZI protest on Vladimir Putin's birthday independent.co.uk as few thousand wannabe NeoNazis(useless sellouts - traitors to Russia) take to the streets on behalf of NEONUTTZEE(crazy tool in hands of real neonazis - those who are more than just motivated to erase the only obstacle to their dominance on globe = Russia and other Slavic nations unwilling to die out) Navalny with so called "human rights" issues. 

Perhaps the funniest part of all is that Western "free press"(totally out of touch with reality under John McCain command, who would want at all costs to lighten match of disaster from the past across the whole globe) acts as unaware of Russian past....

Bizarre situation for the country like Russia where Germans slaughtered over 27 millions of Navalny's fellow men/women(Russian citizens) to even allow American provocateur(he was invited to American Yale University in 2010 where John McCain awarded him free scholarship) to stage harassment against own population...make no mistake that behind Brussels and New York's "human rights", hard core criminals(serial killers/rapists, neonazis, Berezovskys caliber assassins, and other anti Slavic scum) are hiding.

It is not, however, all their fold...few days ago I have reported(warned about) this very issue in respect to which absolutely nothing was/is done !!! And attitude like this is used to further(give hope) in Western divide and conquer technique against Russia !!!

Sad to note that today's Ammerrikkkaaa(so called "land of the brave and free" whose sons and daughters died to liberate Europe and world from evil) have had turned intelf in post WWII period into land of hatred = neoNazism !!!

Country which gave over 500.000 lives just in WWI/WWII against German plaque equals today "human rights" and "free" speech with neo nazism(what a derision/scorn of elites toward regular American folks that died for the country and it all started right after WWII by disappointed in upper class which participated in war only via television) !!!

Just how is it possible that country that lost half a million people to Germans(what WWI and WWII have produced) allows existence of neo Nazism on American soil at all !!! Why aren't neonazis regulated just as pedophiles or serial killers are(this is what neo Nazism is closest related to, so why not) !!???

Yeah, Navalny is the opposition with Rothschilds and Buckingham palace and everything in this world that owns(controls/enslaves humanity) western society.
Bye the way, I am waiting for someone to take strong stand against NEONAZISM(someone who will send definite signal to West that NEONAZISM will not be tolerated in absolutely any way nor in Russia and not abroad). I am waiting on someone who will hold foreign governments accountable for NEONAZI politic...accountable for equaling revival of NEONAZISM with "human rights" and "free speech" !!!

From cnbc.com

Putin has 'lots of mechanisms' to sabotage foes following nationwide protests

  • A high-profile dissident who could challenge Russian president Vladimir Putin in next year's election was imprisoned for the third time this year

  • Anti-corruption activist Alexey Navalny appears to be the latest victim of a system meant to silence and disarm critics

  • Russian President Vladimir Putin could have good reason to fear Navalny, whose rallies have attracted thousands of supporters

A high-profile dissident who could challenge Russian President Vladimir Putin in next year's election was recently imprisoned for the third time this year, following a series of apparent maneuvers by the Kremlin to keep him sidelined.

That sidelining is part of an established pattern. The Russian administration possesses "lots of mechanisms they can use to sabotage candidates that they don't want," according to Gordon Smith, a professor emeritus at the University of South Carolina who specializes in Russian politics.

And many of those tools have been put to use against the recently imprisoned lawyer and anti-corruption activist Alexei Navalny — who has been the victim of what experts describe as an elaborate system to silence and disarm.

Understanding that suppression apparatus is key to understanding Putin's iron grip on his country.

Red tape and reversed decisions

Navalny, who last year expressed his desire to run for the 2018 election, was detained en route to a rally last month for allegedly holding an unsanctioned public meeting. The arrest rendered the opposition leader unable to attend the recent protests he had organized.

The arrest was widely reported, but less known are the bureaucratic hurdles that hindered his campaign, according to a source in Navalny's office.

One example: The rallies had actually been given the full go-ahead, according to the source. A few days prior to the event, however, authorities "called the local office and they pretty much revoked the approval," the source said.

"They then considered this an unsanctioned event."

Navalny has traditionally ignored location restrictions when holding public meetings, which renders his rallies technically unauthorized, according to Smith.

and yada yada yada(continue at cnbc.com)...endless John McCain's mind games whose fold is also of Vladimir Putin that doesn't openly declare stated above straight in the face of the NEONAZI West !!! The longer you let lies go(grow), the closer you get your population to insanity(just to remind you that insanity is the uncontrollable state of mind - difficult to stop and impossible to reverse) !!! STOP IT NOW !!!

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