Monday, October 23, 2017

In new NEONAZI Slovenia where Borut Pahor is the president, people no longer want to even vote. Only 43% of Registered voters showed up at the voting Andrej Babiš's Czech republic about the same, but Western media lies about everything...

It heavily reminds(not people, but instead self-elected political structure) of Czech republic where NEONAZI criminal(under police investigation and not arrested only thanks to his government position which he already held from previous mandate as finance minister - nothing as British tabloids depict/lie/report to the world as on how he won.....a Czech Trump = billionaire = populist businessman blah blah) Andrej Babiš finally became even a prime minister(Babiš is already hallucinating about superiority of certain European nations vs others - Eastern European is what hurts Babiš...suggests on how some feed with milk on others etc. when in reality European Union is a GERMAN jail and death of the European nations)

I was compelled to meet Babiš on several occasions when in USA and in Europe during which Scandinavian and German NEONAZIS were present...compelled to say whatever I have stated under MKULTRA to say(scum filmed me - remember to have been asked ,"is it really that is what you want....are you sure etc.") and this is how individual got money from by NAZIS run European Union. THERE IS ONLY ONE THING ABOUT EUROPEAN UNION AND THAT IS THAT ONE IS TOTALLY NON(ANTI)EUROPEAN(FILTHY GERMAN GARBAGE IS WHAT IT IS).

All his party got was 30% amongst 60% of the voter's turnout(40% Czech didn't show up for voting; however, in Slovenia 57% legible voters didn't show up). Therefore Babiš got meager 18% of all registered voters/turnout in Czech Republic and British tabloids are losing breath over it(8.5 mil total registered voters in Czech, 60% voted only and he got 30% of those 60%)...GRRREATT SUCCESS !!! 

IN SLOVENIA, where an individual by the name Borut Pahor has flirted in the past with communist party, only 43% of registered voters showed up the voting poles(in my opinion elections like this should be voided as is less than 50 % turnout, but this is just not the case) and Pahor got 47% of those 43% what adds up to total of 20% of all registered voters(1.7 million total registered voters in Slovenia, 43% voted only and he got 47% of that 43 %) in Slovenia.

Perhaps reason is that individual is dirty corrupt(just look what he have done to me personally and what he continues to perform against me on behalf of other politicians for already two decades) - more even than any other politician in Europe despite his bank numbers not indicating much under his account(keep in mind that wealthy pay/award themselves these days no longer in easily traced

traditional ways, but instead favors, foreign offshore accounts, Swiss accounts etc...)....Borur Pahor went further on to suggest that he wouldn't mind support even from NEONAZI sympathizers such as Janez Janša(corrupt criminal/delinquent domobranec-ustaša alike self exterminating servant to "Aryan" German regime from Slovenia who hates Slavic people with the passion and who avoided jail on several occasions thanks only to so called "human rights" from Germany only).

Conclusion...they can wave and make all kinds of hands gestures, but their politic of turnabout didn't and it won't work because people aren't on board(just like others mentioned above, Macron is also no longer wanted by French people who woke up to see ugly reality) few - to little !!! EPIC FAIL !!!

NOTE: In Slovenia, there will be a second election round in about 10 days from today and Czech, arrogant sellout Andrej Babiš should first explain(before he was even allowed in politics) how he got funds from Brussels !!! It does concern Czech people who were butchered by German plague numerous times even before WWII took place !!!

‘Eastern European nations want to milk EU rather than embrace its political aims’ EU boss

UNREALISTIC expectations about EU influence and the rise of populism from the poorer nations in the Union could push the bloc to breaking point, warns EC chief of staff.
Juho Romakkaniemi, chief of staff to Commission Vice President Jyrki Katainen wrote on Twitter he said that he fears that discontent could lead to further splits as countries want to get more out of the bloc than they put in.

But despite concerns, Mr Romakkaniemi believes that the EU is “too big to fail”.

In a Twitter thread, the Finnish chief of staff argues that Central and Eastern European countries have unrealistic expectations of how the EU would improve their country after 40 years of political and economic strife.

He wrote: “Many thought that their country would catch up German living standards in a decade. Of course they didn’t....

“Even the Eastern part of German hasn't come to same level with the west in 25 years despite even bigger aid.”

He suggested that there is bitterness from those countries as they get “more and more critical of the EU,” despite Poland Hungary and the Czech Republic being among the biggest net receivers of EU funding.

The 40-year-old also said that “too few” politicians throughout the bloc have embraced EU positive policies like French President Emmanuel Macron. 

States have based their EU views and membership on what they could milk from it, rather than “what can we achieve” with the help of the union. 

Romakkaniemi thinks leaders should impose EU positive policies like Emmanuel Macron

He added this is “surprising” considering as the citizens of these countries have such a positive attitude towards the EU.

And he worries that this agitation and rise of populism across Europe will cause a “divergence” in the EU.

Just yesterday anti-establishment Populist billionaire candidate Andrej Babis and his party won the Czech Republic's general election.

He asked: “How long are the other Member States willing to pay large sums for cohesion if its leads to divergence?”

Something he said would be a “bad and dangerous development.”

Although he believes the EU is too big and powerful to fail, he thinks there are still risks to the stability of the bloc if leaders do not act.

He continued: “Peace is just too valuable for Europe and the world to be lost.”

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