Saturday, October 14, 2017

Who are they to tell us what is good/what bad, who we will trade with, or associate with(and even how we will think - don't forget violent German brainwash on cars etc.)...their criminal DNA murdered over 80 million people in last world war(Germany had 67 million people in 1939 and they managed to slaughter more than 80 million people within less than in just 5 years - burn whole Europe, N. Africa, and great portion of Asia to the ground). Just wow Deutschland and today you have face to even talk about human rights etc...

Neo Nazi German government insists that US withdrawal from 2015 international nuclear deal with Iran would push the European Union(where new NAZI Germany owns entire economy thanks to curruption) to Russia and China.

Does Iranian Hassan Rouhani even know who owns Airbus(MAINLY Germans do - now via shareholding companies, because they knew in advance that future Europe will highly disapprove German politics - politics of total corruption and criminality) various  from he have purchased over 114 planes !!???

And so who are Russia and China( besides that over 27 million Russians and 20 million Chinese were slaughtered in WWII alone !!????

For one thing, Russia gave back to Germany Eastern part of Germany(giant mistake) and Germany never ever paid Russia(nor Poland or others except Isreal) for damages(reparations) caused to one in WWII alone(Isreal got 75 billion Dollars and the right to slaughter Palestinian population for what was probably million or two of Jews killed in WWII(even official holocaust site confirms that Israel haven't account for more than 4 million names - NAZIS have used "holocaust" successfully to incite people into NAZISM)

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