Sunday, October 8, 2017

MACHEN MIR DIESER LAND WIEDER 1941 - Expulsion of Russian Journalists per NEONAZI US regime is not evident only in USA, but also in Ukraine !!!

WHAT THE CASE IS WITH UKRAINE TODAY: "We will just expel or kill Russian journalists, so they can't report on what is happening with their people, and make laws that suits us(prohibit other than Ukrainian/German/English languages), and blacklist Russian and Russian/Ukrainian population on job market, and in few years, we will have new edelweiss for us(push remaining Slavic population totally out of Ukraine via social engineering as today already 50% of one is searching for "jobs" across the EU or Russia)...IT WILL BE 1941 ALL OVER AGAIN !!!

Yeah, aha...totally illegal, but according to the playbook from USA alone where Russian journalists are also persecuted for conducing journalism(I sure didn't expect any different from the land of the brave and free where "free speech" is covered with first Amendment to the United States Constitution - free speech for NEONAZIS yeah, but not for real journalists who dare to expose truth about US and even those who are on non "Aryan" eugenicist's social engineering kill list - just try to complain about what US government is doing to you job wise and you will see what happens next) its allllll good !!!

After Anna, it was time to expel him as is to separate well established within community journalists for few years and create news that fits your agenda...bye the time they return it may be like case is in Baltic states where 50% of Russian population is already gone(destroyed via social engineering) since independence from USSR(in no less than 25 years folks and they say there is no such thing as Russo-phobia in there).


Ukraine Expels Second Russian Journalist In Recent Weeks

Ukraine has expelled a Russian TV journalist whom the country's main security agency accused of delivering "deceitful, anti-Ukrainian" reports from areas in eastern Ukraine that are held by Russia-backed separatists.

NTV correspondent Vyacheslav Nemyshev, whose deportation was announced by the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) on October 5, is the second Russian reporter to be expelled in recent weeks for what Kyiv describes as "spreading Russian propaganda."

He is prohibited from entering Ukraine for three years, the SBU said.

In a statement, the security agency said Nemyshev was detained for a "minor legal violation" in Kyiv on October 4 and that police found accreditation documents issued by separatists in the Donetsk region.

It said that Nemyshev "damaged Ukraine's national interests" by working in 2016-2017 in separatist-held territory, where it said he prepared "a series of deceitful anti-Ukrainian [reports] for media on the orders of his Russian supervisors."

That may have been a reference to Nemyshev's superiors at NTV, a pro-Kremlin channel that broadcasts nationwide and is majority-owned by state-controlled Russian natural gas giant Gazprom.

Nemyshev's deportation came after Anna Kurbatova, a correspondent for Russia's state-run Channel One television, was expelled for similar reasons on August 30.

Her expulsion drew criticism from the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) media freedom representative and other press freedom advocates.

Kyiv has banned more than a dozen Russian television channels since 2014, accusing them of spreading propaganda amid a continuing war between Kyiv's forces and the Russia-backed separatists.

On August 29, the SBU said it had barred two Spanish journalists over their coverage of the war in eastern Ukraine -- a move media groups decried as an attack on free speech.

Russian-Ukrainian relations soured badly after protesters angry over the Ukrainian government's abandonment of a landmark deal with the European Union pushed Moscow-friendly President Viktor Yanukovych from power in February 2014.

Russia seized control of Ukraine's Crimean Peninsula in March 2014, after sending in troops, and backs the separatists in the war that has killed more than 10,000 people in eastern Ukraine since April 2014.

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