Monday, October 30, 2017

Have Trump, Kim Jong, Putin, and Xi Jinping finally managed to liberate Japan from Article 9 of the Japanese Constitution due to what was mass slaughter of Chinese people in WWII

This is what so-called "North Korean" crises were all about...great job guys...not in the best interest of people, but great job...and you accomplished it with imposing terror against own nations !!! You have terrorized own nations with nuclear war to accomplish this mission. 20 million Chinese and 27 million Russians slaughtered in WWII was/is just a joke to this guys....all axis of evil were liberated from justice by no one else than USA(where upper class was and always will be NEONAZI scum - Trump is indifferent from Bush family - same NEONAZI clan). I totally get politics behind the curtain of traitor Kim Jong...
None of this is a communist - I guarantee you this and you THE PEOPLE have THE RIGHT to know. They have granted to themselves illegal powers over the people(you)....

They all want some sorts of crises which they have created(beginning with 9/11) and us terrorized...used as seen under my website to even promote their agenda !!!

Alex Jones/Ron Paul or Adolf Hitler !!???? What is the difference !!???? Not a single time have righteous conspirator Jones(NEONAZI collaborator) mention stated here or real Trump.....exactly the opposite. Right guys !!????

How double-faced you are Putin....regular NEONAZI collaborator against own Russian nation.

Time to Let Japan Be a Regular Military Power

American officials have forgotten the purpose of alliances: defense, not welfare.

Time to Let Japan Be a Regular Military Power

The Japanese people don’t much like Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. In fact, a majority of them want someone else as premier. Yet his coalition just retained its two-thirds majority in snap parliamentary elections. He should use his reinforced authority to end his nation’s defense dependence on America.

More than seventy years after World War II, that conflict still burdens Japan, limiting its role in the world. But an increasingly aggressive China and threatening North Korea caused Tokyo to adopt a more active foreign and defense policy. Nevertheless, the U.S.-imposed “peace constitution” still constrains Tokyo. Indeed, by its literal terms Article Nine forbids possession of a military.

However, the breakdown of the wartime alliance with the Soviet Union and creation of the People’s Republic of China caused Washington to flip-flop and favor a rearmed Japan. Japanese policymakers relied on creative constitutional interpretation to establish a “Self-Defense Force.” Still, Tokyo relied on its constitution as well as popular revulsion to war to both cap military outlays and restrict the SDF’s role—which, conveniently, helped ensure continued American protection.

Japan’s neighbors, many of which suffered under Tokyo’s brutal wartime occupation, were happy to have Washington forestall full Japanese rearmament. America served as the “cap in the bottle,” famously said Marine Corps Gen. Henry Stackpole. Japan was not without friends, such as Taiwan, but South Korea, Philippines, China and Australia were particularly antagonistic to an expanded security role for Japan. Moreover, in the last two decades Tokyo’s economic difficulties much increase in military—sorry, SDF—outlays.

Even so, Tokyo created competent armed forces. Outlays were close to $50 billion last year. While Japan’s army is small, its air force and navy are capable and modern. Still, potential threats outrange existing resources.

The PRC has sprinted past Japan and now spends upwards of four times as much on the military. Moreover, Beijing possesses a modest nuclear arsenal. Although in a war between the two Japan would be no pushover, its defense outlays have remained roughly constant in real terms, ensuring a growing bilateral gap. Warned Jeff Kingston of Temple University in Tokyo: “There is right now a one-sided arms race that China is winning.” (Without irony, China Daily USA editorialized against the “bellicose Abe” for increasing military outlays even though Japan “certainly doesn’t need such military equipment for national security.”) rest of the lies at yahoo....

I don't have time to waste one with trash blah is obvious to me how deaths of over 80 million people are erased with articles like the one here and on behalf of traitors seen above....

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