Wednesday, October 18, 2017

MCCAIN FINALLY TELLS THE TRUTH: USA is the best country in the world just as NAZI Germany was. Biden and McCain work together for already over 40 years...

Here is the speech case that NEONAZI John McCain prepared about(at least) 13 years ahead >>>in case<<< things would develop ugly for him and as far as they did(Johnny just as Trump and others are working according to the programs they design - presidents in US are and were two only = McCain and Biden).

  • Minute 0:10 McCain and Biden know work together for already 40 years
  • Minute 2:00 McCain explains that bombardment and ruin of numerous countries were step ahead toward global stability, peace, and humanity.
  • Minute 3:38 McCain mentions "brave Americans" - well fact is that those have fought against NEONAZI scum like McCain with guns in their hands.
It also become more than evident that McCain just like Trump/Obama and others using wireless transmitter and earpiece that assists him with repetition of his blah blah blah(McCain's speech is ridiculously robotic - he is frequently making mistakes with words).

  • Minute 4:20 McCain winds around to display with hired public a total derision for US when he calls one "most wonderes land on earth" <== fact of the matter is that there is no difference between John McCain and Adolf Hitler, and words like this come out of Adolf Hitler and hired crowd applauds those words, everything becomes clear(revealed) about what USA is.
  • Minute 4:43 McCain admits that he screwed country by saying that there were times that country needed a bit less than his help...
  • Minute 5:33 McCain suggests "flaws/mistakes etc. of human nature" and even mentions anger politics to conclude how Americans are blessed(well yeah, whoever "Americans" are and there is no press/media that would oppose his claims either because America is the land of freedom where everything is free except freedom).
  • Minute 5:38 McCain states "we are living in he land of the free where everything is possible"(everything is possible McCain yeah, except freedom for few). Talks about "land of the immigrants dream"(he took this from Pet-shop boys song "Go West"), but this no longer are WHOLE world knows what United States of America is !!! DISGUSTING NEONAZI SNAKE THAT IS HIDING BEHIND SO CALLED "HUMAN RIGHTS" !!!!
  • Minute 6:14 McCain continues with b***s*** lyrics from above mentioned song
  • Minute 6:40 McCain mentions that US lifted from poverty and liberated since WWII, more people than ever before(fact is that USA slaughtered over 30 million people since WWII and another hundred million were either wounded or expelled from own countries thanks to United States of America).
  • Minute 7:14 McCain suggests that USA created more just/freer country that what the case was with one when Americans went in war against NAZISM(suggests that his father went in war in 1941  how contradictory since McCain was caught in Vietnam war where killing innocent Vietnamese people like "good old" NEONAZIS did in WWII).
  • Minute 7:40 McCain suggests "white nationalism", but forgets to mention word NAZISM for which he stands for(white nationalism is expression of solidarity with other white nations, NAZISM is a witch hunt on Russia to start WWIV since so called "human rights" and even "human rights courts" were used to push NEONAZISM throughout the Europe in those countries against whom NEONAZI Germany have lost WWII - THUS ATTACKING NATIONAL IDENTITIES OF THOSE COUNTRIES AND WHITE NATIONALISTS/PATRIOTS WHO HAVE DEFENDED THEIR COUNTRIES FROM NAZISM - those refusing one were penalized via courts...lets also not forget that it was USA who pushed 3rd world refugees in Europe through wars and that Germany/Scandinavia invited them here and have assisted USA with NATO operations on those countries). Hired NEONAZI crowd applauds McCain(American Hitler).
  • Minute 8:00 McCain mentioned "unpatriotic attachment from the past tyrant dogma...we live in land of ideals; not blood and soil"(yeah, McCain, its a great question where did Adolf Hitler got all his ideas - no doubt some from the country that brought slaves from Africa to keep them chained on fields as long as those were useful. Nope, we don't live in land of Ideals, we live in the land of SOCIAL ENGINEERING AND EUGENICS to hide the ugly NEONAZI snake from the world).
  • Minute 8:37 McCain dreams about moral obligations to carry on legacy of American NEONAZISM, but it will be tough as entire world knows what USA is all about....

  • Minute 9:45 McCain dreams about how much he enjoyed his immunity from US justice when meddling(burning/ruining/violating/raping) in US constitution and what should be laws.

  • Minute 10:43 McCain mentions that world still looks up to United States of America as an example and leadership(fact is that USA became irrelevant state and world is now pushing one into total irrelevance/isolation to free itself from one fast as possible as there is nothing more to learn from one - only to ease pain which America have caused to the world).

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