Saturday, October 28, 2017

Putin Personally Launches 4 ICBMs During Russian Strategic Nuclear Force Drills

Not even 30 seconds to resolve all European historical dilemmas and again normalize world. Not even 30 seconds...less than 30 seconds and world will go back to normal(whatever will be left out of world do)....

Putin Personally Launches 4 ICBMs During Russian Strategic Nuclear Force Drills

While North Korea hasn't fired a ballistic missile since mid-September over alleged concerns of further retaliation from China, Russia has no such qualms, and on Thursday night, Russian President Vladimir Putin took part in strategic nuclear forces command and control drills, presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on Friday. "The exercise practiced interaction of the Strategic Missile Force, nuclear-powered submarines of the Northern and Pacific Fleets and long-range aviation of Russia’s."
According to Tass, Putin then personally launched four ballistic missiles: "The supreme commander-in-chief made launches of four ballistic missiles," Peskov said.

Russia’s Defense Ministry reported on Thursday that a planned training exercise was held on that day to practice command and control of the Russian Strategic Nuclear Forces.

During the exercise, three intercontinental ballistic missiles were launched from the nuclear-powered submarines while one missile was test-fired from the Plesetsk cosmodrome in north Russia.

All the practice targets were successfully destroyed.

In addition to the ICBM test launches, the Russian Defense Ministry reported that the exercise involved strategic Tupolev Tu-160, Tu-95MS and Tu-22M3 bombers, which took off from their airbases Ukrainka, Engels and Shaikovka, and launched airborne cruise missiles against ground targets at the practice ranges Kura (Kamchatka), Pemboi (the Republic of Komi) and Terekta (Kazakhstan).

"The training assignments were accomplished in full and all the practice targets were successfully destroyed," the Defense Ministry said.

The exercise was held in accordance with the training plan of the Russian Armed Forces, the ministry said.

And everything...absolutely everything is happening and have happened because of this here(no way France - French people have the least/nothing to do with German beasts) - make no mistake about that...history not only repeats, but nothing ever changed in post WWII Germany(Austria is where Hitler was born and is even worse) !!! I believe that just as US considers strike on North Korea, Putin should consider strike on Germany. Germany is(was and is) a real threat to existence of humanity(not only Europe, but humanity as whole) and when someone wants to negotiate through violent means as US does today, it is the best to present your own case. Germany owes big time and must pay for its mistakes.

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