Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Long time US Government NEONAZI(a democrat version of John McCain wants to be seen as Zionist "only") Joe Biden is complaining about dark US legacy under Trump...

Could someone remind Joe Biden(probably more dangerous even than John McCain - Joe is one of the founding fathers of MKLUTRA program against American population) that his NAZI state USA have slaughtered over 30 million people(and either exiled or crippled another 100 million people with terror that world haven't seen since German third reich) in 37 “Victim Nations” just in post World War II period(have also sadistically bombed Hiroshima and Nagasaki when war practically already ended), so that he could stop his delusions and become realistic !!????

 Since when was USA any different from what we witness today is taking place !!???? Was it any different under "bam bam idiot clown"(he ashified Mideast in the name of your democrazy as far as I remember) !!????

NEO NAZI Joe Biden believes that repeating AmeroGerman lie about "human rights" and "equalities issues"(how funny to observe that status of blacks and Hispanics and others in US never ever really changed in any form), gives US the right to kill(global extermination is final plan - make no mistake about that) as pleased...funny country where more "human rights" and "human rights organisations/commissions/clubs/you name it" exists than what whole world combine have, yet people act in this country stranger than characters from book titled as "Alice in Wonderland"...

USA = "IF THEY DON'T BELIEVE IN OUR HUMAN RIGHTS NO MORE, BOMB THEM INTO THE BITS, SO THAT WE CAN CREATE OUR HUMAN RIGHTS" is the name of the game = IRAQ/AFGHANISTAN AND MANY BEFORE("we could sure help North Koreans today to a bit more perfect country...or perhaps Iranians...we sure did a great job in Mideast - Egypt/Lybia/Syria...we almost got Turkey)

Please note how Joe Biden's words(75% of them and he had great difficulty to properly pronounciate them) are the words given/dictated to him by Obama(because this ugglier than ugly "bam bam beast" who ran country into a total division/racism and all the way into 
Nazism - just doesn't get somehow that the next stage due to his political presence in the past is NOW a well desired by NEO NAZIS slaughter of "his" black people who are listed as the first to go = NAZISM and NOT White Nationalism because it is continuation of Hitler's war on Russia and Slavs which Barack Obama personally and Democratic party have waged on behalf of Republican party where John McCain is the boss !!! 

John McCain's main job just as the job of Joe Biden is to surveillance party members with compliance of mentioned here - you don't comply 100% or are useful for NAZI agenda and you are out in either of the two parties - they get you out one way or another folks).

The behavior of the country like this is highly disturbing(totally abnormal), and so the question opens here per what to do with one...

Yes, USA does have behind several politicians(foremost British Royals, and corrupt politicians in different European countries that are deceiving own nations with sole idea on leading them on path of the darkest past ever) with Germany and Scandinavia(NOT Finland) that support and found this type of violence against the rest of the world, but as far as the rest of the world - isn't it perhaps time for us to form much greater than what European Union and NATO garbage are to stop this lunacy before one devours entire world !!????
Remember that every business deal that you sign with these very creatures of the past, brings us closer and closer to their final goal = termination of humanity !!! She, by the way, reminds me of CIA women now known as "Senora Buena"(was part of John McCain team and have even slept with me before I forcefully left US in 2009) because she "helps" Latino people these days(after she raised several "Aryan" kids and have screwed bunch of people via MKULTRA torture) and for whom everybody in Miami knew that she was a HARD HARD core neo Nazi(just as entire original CIA team of John McCain was).

Whenever you guys get in doubts, please remind yourself of the beautiful German NEO NAZI Arnold Schwarzenegger's personal quote...
That is you idiots...you who seat at the business table with them...you who accept bribes from them....you who are searching for mercy(even hope) from them after they even incinerate your countries....you already bled a lot idiots, yet you keep coming back for more !!!

Here is my quote for you all: World is in this situation because of them and I got into this situation because people who knew/know why the world is in such situation(meaning that you knew who lied you about me, yet many of you have accepted lies for whatever reason that might have been) !!!

Created on October 9th, 2017

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