Monday, October 16, 2017

Putin's sister says HEIL HITLER !!! Have NEONAZI friends from Scandinavia and Germany...Berlin her second home...she will die to protect German NEONAZI scum !!!

All of the NEONAZIS involved in my case(Scandinavians and Germans) have had strong ties with what you see here. Slovenian police well acquainted with this very situation(absolutely knew all/everything about the two who were in this city on more than one occasion).

She worked for Putin(was even sent to Berlin to console NEONAZI German scum - promise/guarantee them that nothing will happen when I learn who did it all to me and why - and what).
After MKULTRAS, electroshocks are absolute so victim wouldn't remember what was done to one till he faces the situation or after he already faced situation...

I will have video coming on this subject as well.

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