Monday, October 23, 2017

SLOVENIAN PRESIDENT BORUT PAHOR CONTINUES WITH VIOLENCE AGAINST ME: Slovenian government is again playing mental games with the right to use courts(any right to legal means) and this for entire 12 years already while torturing severely.

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Have just learned that individual with whom I have spoken on Friday was not from Supreme Court of the Republic of Slovenia(I was transferred to him deliberately by main receptionist (01) 366 44 44 who is employed at Supreme Courts of the Republic of
Slovenia), but instead individual from District Court in Ljubljana who deliberately wouldn't give his name or position when asked(everything is audio recorded). He instead(after my explaining him in details) insisted for me to send email complain to is just a local court in Ljubljana without any jurisdiction over court in Novo mesto...therefore court unable to assist me in any matter mentioned here)...just now, however, I have called again at Supreme Court of the Republic of Slovenia to ensure my email from Friday was in fact delivered to them at Supreme Court of the Republic of Slovenia....and Natasa(main secretary of the Office of the President of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Slovenia) insisted TODAY on my calling instead again to local Ljubljana Court for assistance(same criminal tactic as individual on Friday have exercised who wouldnćt even present himself) declining me any possible assistance at Supreme Court of the Republic of Slovenia....she went further to claim that things have now even changed in Slovenia and that it is local Ljubljana court that decides(she was very smart to not to refer specifically about what Ljubljana court decides or allow me to explain the situation entirely) about my conflict, but after having severed discussion with her(I know who decides about what in Slovenia and who is what is and I wasn't gonna let her go on with lies just as individual has done to me on Friday), she finally gave me the right email = that belongs to Supreme Court of the Republic of Slovenia....12 years without the right to court in Slovenia because of people like this and tortured with unprecedented violence(THEY WANT ME DEAD AT ALL COSTS AND NOTHING HAVE CHANGED EXCEPT FOR THE TRUTH PER WHO IS WHAT IS AND WHO CREATED ALL/WHY)....

This is well-anticipated criminal maneuver from current Slovenian president Borut Pahor who will reelect himself again in few days... an individual who placed me twice in psychiatric Ljubljana hospital where tortured to death and who have had psychiatrists terrorize me 24/7 for no less than 4 years(he forced me into exile on February 14, 2017 when attempting to place me in mental ward for the third time). TOTAL BEAST !!! NEONAZI BEAST - MAKE NO MISTAKE !!!


What was resent....

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