Wednesday, October 25, 2017

JUST KSENIA SOBCHAK OR SERIOUS INGRIAN PROBLEM IN KREMLIN: Russian "Paris Hilton"(straight from John McCain's playbook of criminality) is unsure about Crimea, but thankful to Putin for saving live of her corrupt daddy...she would also like to have gangsters(AmeroGerman NAZI agents aka "Political Prisoners") released etc....

Ksenia Sobchak: ‘Crimea is Ukrainian territory’

I don't know what to make out of her news  story regarding Crimea since 50% of the Ukrainian territory prefers Russian as an official language today in 2017(enormous discrimination/racism/economic genocide is taking place in this very moment against Russians in Ukraine and in Baltic states as well) and even less out of story which is perhaps even more worrisome(about Putin's relationship with her corrupt father Anatoly Sobchak). Ohh(I almost forgot to mention), and she would also like to have John McCain's criminals released from prisons if that would be possible
It would almost look like this if it wasn't for the photos below...
VERDICT: No so innocent at all

With above-mentioned issues, lets just wish Putin and Moscow the best of luck...I don't know who would be stupid enough to seat in his chair and inherit what he created. From strong potential(what USSR represented under Stalin), to lost communist utopia, total treason under Gorbachev and Jeltzin, and finally into a failing mafia state ran by a lunatic.

You are a national disaster in my eyes are a f*** up and a traitor(CRAZY NEONAZI TOOL/COLLABORATOR IS WHAT YOU ARE).

Mrs. Ksenia Sobchak is a NEONAZI from what some believe is Ingria and not Russia. According to Wikipedia, "Sobchak identifies herself as of Jewish heritage, but doesn't believe in Judaism(". Sobchak was present during my torture in US with John McCain and Navalny. Ingrian problem, however, doesn't stop with Sobchak, but instead continues with Medvedev and Putin...both(Putin and Medvedev) and their wives are from Ingria because they are all in bed with one another !!! In fact, all of them are from Leningrad(now known as St. Petersburg) !!! This is why ignorance or I should rather say arrogance and more than anything collaboration with NEO-NAZISM !!!
They all fantasized about Ingria and money.....

With people like this, one only has to confiscate their Russian passports and properties and open them doors to the West, so they can freely go to either Scandinavia, Germany, or USA(its where social engineering gets them in hands per eugenicism and that is the end of the game...they would last two generations the most in their system).

KGB should remove Putin and his associates from positions. Immediately change the perception of Western politics amongst Russian population(rate one as a neonazi politic of Adolf Hitler) and demand equal rights for Russians in Ukraine and in Baltic states(this gives you that "tank" option if you need to exercise one against the West to protect your own people from NAZISM - Putin failed all).


‘Crimea is Ukrainian territory’ – It girl-turned-presidential candidate Sobchak outlines her program

Former TV personality and socialite Kseniya Sobchak described the Republic of Crimea as “Ukrainian territory” in her first press conference as a candidate in next year’s presidential election.

She also claimed that Crimea’s accession to the Russian Federation in 2014 was a violation of the Budapest Memorandum on Security Assurances, which bound signatories to respect the territorial integrity of Ukraine.

“From the point of international law, Crimea is Ukrainian. Period. Let us move on with our conversation,” Sobchak said on Tuesday, according to RIA Novosti.

Sobchak acknowledged that there were many ethnic Russians living in the Republic and that the overwhelming majority of its population supported reunification with Russia in 2014. Nonetheless, she still saw the reunification as a violation of the 1994 Budapest Memorandum.

“Not as a politician, but as a woman, as Kseniya Sobchak, I can say that right now the most important thing for Russia and Ukraine is to restore friendship at any cost. Period,” she added.

The former journalist’s comments on Crimea contrast with previous statements that she has made on the subject. She told the Polish edition of Newsweek in March 2015: “Today, the discussion over Crimea is already closed. Crimea is a part of Russia and any further discussion whether it should be returned or not makes no sense.”

Sobchak, 35, is best known for her reputation as one of Russia’s leading socialites, but she has also enjoyed success as an entrepreneur and journalist. In the early 2000s, she hosted a popular reality TV show called ‘Dom-2’ on Russian television.

The presidential candidate is currently working as an editor-in-chief at the Russian edition of L’Officiel magazine.

Sobchak also boasts an impressive political pedigree, however, and comes from a family of successful career politicians. Her mother Lyudmila Narusova is a long-time senator, and her late father Anatoly Sobchak was the mayor of St. Petersburg under whom Vladimir Putin started his political career.

The Crimean Republic reunited with the Russian Federation in mid-2014 after more than 96 percent of its population – the majority of whom are ethnic Russians – approved the move in a referendum. The decision was prompted by events precipitated by the ousting of a democratically elected president of Ukraine during a violent coup in Kiev.

A nationalist-backed government was installed and declared war on pro-Russian regions in the southeast of the country, which had refused to recognize the new leadership.

Public opinion polls conducted in recent years have shown that the overwhelming majority of the Crimea’s population believe that reunification with Russia was the right choice.

Last February, US President Donald Trump announced that he expected Moscow to “return” the peninsula. However, the Russian Foreign Ministry responded by saying that Crimea was a Russian territory, and that Russia never returns its territories.

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