Saturday, July 6, 2024

Two criminals from Novo mesto police station will be charged with aggravated murder attempt

My life is hanging by the thread. I utterly don't know from day to day weather I will wake up alive. I don't need to explain how much time and nerves I lost because of the two. It took me to consume more food to calm nerves to complete projects than for the projects have no clue what it takes to do stuff I do from mental point of view under health concerns I am faced with

Now you know what royal scum from London does and where they get money from - human coffins utterly.

As for Recelj - its a Gestapo in a real sense of the word. A cold blooded killer who prided himself as the last one in chain of police crime against me. The ultimate decider between my life and death. Enjoyed fact about my decimated health and laughed in my face during MK Ultra bestiality.

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