Friday, July 5, 2024

They did have me at the local Novo mesto hospital during MK Ultra bestiality where physicians claimed me were reviving certain body organ

 and which most likely were kidneys. This was a final act of brutality during psychiatry hospitalisation which brought regrets even on faces of British royals in 2015 obviously - and its where and when Olympic games took off for me for which assignment British riyals gave me with Milan Kučan was a job to prove none of human bestiality in respect to food poisoning(most likely via stomach acid) was ever happening. My job was to prove I was perfectly healthy while systematically failing into rehearsed over and over during MK Ultra - death.

Physician shared with me updates on how much certain organ managed to recuperate and at whatever stage I was till he told me it recuperated enough....two young tall physicians whom I have met at the hospital when delivering mother for leg examination July 3rd, 2024 

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