Monday, July 1, 2024

Prince Charles had Novo mesto police(investigators) evaluate me for skin cancer beginning 2010 - on just how much swimming I could take in a local stream and river

It was calculated in 2019 that slightest swimming in a local stream easily would result in a fully blown skin cancer and almost same for Krka river due to water pollution - the biggest threat, however, presented sunbathing atop of polluted water. There was a whole a lot I have failed to recall about deadly skin cancer issues which they develop. I now also understand why neighbor Jernej Peterlin/Berger/Uhl and police frequently would take me for a swimming at the Krka pharmaceutical waste water management area - something criminals finally stopped in 2016 after huge arguments exploded during MK Ultra each side blaming another about what went on. Ohh they washed themselves by jumping in clean water but not me - I noticed them what they were up to.

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