Tuesday, July 2, 2024

British royals based on prince Harry's words to me were gonna capitalise on my mental illness during my arrival in public life

But based on what I read in comment sections, people are tearing their asses apart from UK all the way to USA. One big disgrace all over the place. Montecito nahuj as Russian would say.

Mental illness in the mirrors of royals. Plenty of it. Harry's claims how the worst public attention is the one you don't get are not all that truth. His ideas about how as a royals they also must have mentally ill individuals writing about them have proven itself to be fatal for entire monarchy and fun they craved for so much is just about to begun. Harry who loved to also death threaten during MK Ultra posing in my face with sunglasses, looks as idiot as ever - almost as idiot as when posing in a nazi uniform. Not quite as big but redundolo almost as big. TOTAL mush head. @Harry - how is your private tutor Dmitry Medvedev doing !!???? World is round and is still moving ? Daahmmmm man.

Harry was not the only such butthead - take a look for instance at the psychiatric nurse Jerič - she too was certain during MK Ultra will intimidate with her look. Tutored me during MK Ultra to see psychiatry in mothers' sunglasses. Too damn idiotic, but worthy to take note.

KEY WORDS: mush head , redundolo , and similar

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