Tuesday, January 31, 2023

I absolutely am praying for Bajrakitiyabha, her father Maha, and his son Vivacharawongse in US

Father Maha claimed how Thailand has built close to entire economy based on this MK Ultra case. Germans further rushed how they practically own Thailand due to investments they made in Thailand, but this is not truth anywhere even near. Thailand made money MAINLY through US and Japan. Thai monarchy next to Japanese is one monarchy I refuse to have anything against. Crime went on abroad with idea to incite against Thai monarchy, but I wish Maha to get strong and his kids to get well(have long and productive life)

@Maha - I have seen video from 2020 and you appeared to me not too strong. Get your snickers and backpack together and head back on trails along Myanmar as you used to take me with...hit the road Jack and if anyone is giving you a hassle including ladies, just replace - get strong. Age is just a age with right mindset. As for this case, EU and/or USA which citizen I am has to solve one OR NOT...there is no other way because they have to pay OR finish the "job" they commenced in 1995. Germany is one of the wealthiest countries in the world and is seating inside of the EU as the number one state economy and law wise which one is enforcing...as such and especially due to my unconditional support for one in the past in eyes of many(including probably yours as you knew my case on in and out) the most pathetic country in the world which rather than resolving crime one created have pointed to me fingers at Israel, Africa, Asia, S. America and elsewhere and vice versa till 2017 when they openly came out about the plan via British royals that is time to just get RID of me claiming me after 22 years of MK Ultra bestiality just how many people that I hurt on process - because it became evident that case no longer could be omitted to public... BACKPACK AND RUNNING SHOES AND LETS GO YOU HAVE A COUNTRY TO RUN !!!

Maha did prayed for me...he really is religious. He didn't have too, but he did...


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