Sunday, January 15, 2023

If anyone would ask me advice about German patriotism - on patriotism to EU

 I would advice one to consider rope and tree option. Its all about $$$$ as for everything else, British Germans Americans etc. consider to be nothing more than mental illness in which they want you to see yourself in for them to merge out through you as winner - you will owe them life for listening their music and not only for buying their products...MK Ultra that went on inside of our house in Novo mesto where all these great people came for a visit is rated from my point of view as a mental illness - a terrible mistake I have made by tolerating one even for a second(even more so when hijacked abroad). It always was like this beginning with Herman the German. Its how you loose your nationality, your homelands(I had two), and for the love of one are sentenced to slow death - death is your loyalty.

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