Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Vietnam sure was involved in case - one of the most beautiful(pure Asian) women are in Vietnam

 I have no clue if even in China a people are as pure Asian as are in Vietnam...what was Thailand to British/Germans and other Western nations - Vietnam was to Chinese and Russians...beginning 2010, British and other westerners would also begun to increasingly visit Vietnam...its where Xi Jinping used me at large to promote himself and Kim Jong Un at the same time to steer problems against me(how one gained FAKE credibility infront and through me at Vietnamese - same concept British and Americans have used elsewhere and from whom one also learned how to - Vietnamese knew all that...illuminati "MK Ultra" GREED NOT GAME was no brainer even to people with grammar school or no education at all). British gave a deep down to everyone involved on HOW...and $$$$ to play with for world to see(see and excuse crime through lies) humanity the way one wants to see things as not as was/is. World lost its faith in face of the corruption, but I didn't.

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